Vision & Mission

Agricultural achievements are obtained through the Vocational Training Centre Demonstration Farm in Okoyong and establishment of plantations in Ayukaba and Njeghe farms.

Maize crop processing is done at the Okoyong demonstration farms which were established using second generation methods with tractors and accessories provided to the diocese by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Estimated harvest stood at ten tons. Crop processing limited post harvest losses that would otherwise have been the situation. Some maize is sold to get further chemicals for farms while some is donated to the rainbow orphanage that largely depends on sustainability from the Diocese.

At the level of the Diocese, seven parishes and deanery demonstration farms were cleared out of thirty one planned, with cocoa seedlings planted that were donated by the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation with hopes to continue in subsequent years.

Contact Information

P. O. Box 120, Mamfe

South West Region, Republic of Cameroon

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Phone: 237-3334-1039

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