Project Management

In every human being, there are always two lungs. In Mamfe Diocese as well, there are two lungs on which the diocese hangs; on the one hand there is the lung which is Pastoral, and on the second hand, there is the lung which is Economic/Development. Therefore the vision of the Diocese of Mamfe is to build a diocese where Humanity serves the church in her pastoral affairs (Family, SCC, MPC, PPC, Commissions, Liturgy, RCIA, Apostolates, etc.) and the church in turn, serves humanity in the various social welfare, economic and developmental affairs (J&P, CARITAS, Social Welfare, Communication, Youth, CWA, CMA, etc.). In this way, the spiritual and physical needs of the people of God are met and realized.

Contact Information

P. O. Box 120, Mamfe

South West Region, Republic of Cameroon

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Phone: 237-3334-1039

Fax: 237-3334-1339