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Health Institutions consultations and Treatment/Outreach Health Services

Health: Staff of Health Department

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Main activities during the year are centered on provision of health care facilities in health Units and through outreach to various communities. In all, the Diocese runs six health units each of which conducts consultations and treatment within the structure and outreach health services by provision of free consultations, sales of drugs at reduced prices and health talks on personal hygiene, Hand Washing with Soap, Free Testing on Hypertension and Diabetes. The outreach and health talks took place in Mbeme, Besali, Akwaya, Mbetta, Mbakem, Mamfe, Alonkong, Nchingang and Magha communities, while the various hospitals attended to the health needs of their communities. Hospital running costs and Outreach services were funded by the institutions themselves.

Health: Outreach by Diocesan health Coordination

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Hospital Construction

St. John of God Health Centre Mamfe experienced a remarkable extension of its structures last year through a bank loan though most sections of the structure are yet to be completed. This intervention was made due to the fact that patients are always seen lying around the hospital environment due to limited structures for hospitalization and the fact that patients needing expert health services of physiotherapy, ENT, Ophthalmology, Gynecology (services included in new extension) are always referred out of the Diocese which costs are usually skyrocketed and unable to bear by residents. Constructing the extension means reduction in healthcare cost and affordable healthcare for all.

Mamfe Diocese also operates a diocesan drug store from which health centers purchase their drugs. This gives the Diocesan health Coordinator the opportunity to monitor drugs and prevent the sales of expired ones. Source of drugs is the Catholic National Drug Service coordinated by the National Health Coordination unit based in Yaoundé.

Health: St John of God Hospital Mamfe, Extension

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Diocesan Health Commission/ Monitoring of Health Care Units and activities

Supervision, Monitoring and Control of Diocesan Health units

In exercising their functions, the Diocesan health Commission ensured quality health care at the level of the Catholic Health units of the diocese, through provision of essential drugs, laboratory equipment and reagents, reinforcing staff capacity and maintaining a standard of professional ethics amongst personnel. The Diocesan health Coordinator in addition and as expected, supplied drugs and equipment to health centers during last year.

Institution of Community Health Workers

The putting in place of Community Health Workers in Mamfe and Mfuni has impacted on pregnant women the mobile team works for and themselves through skill building on income generation. The monitoring of pregnant women activity is funded by Medicines for Humanity.

Result and effect on beneficiaries

  • Pregnant women have routine drugs at affordable prices, that is at reduced costs
  • Reduction of infant mortality rates to 0% in both communities as recorded in 2015.
  • Malnutrition rates were 0% in 2015 in the two communities of Mamfe and Mfuni
  • Funds given to the CHWs of Mamfe and Mfuni to carryout income generating activities helped to improve on their livelihood as they testified.
  • Through community participation by the CHWs the health of the population have improve

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