The Finance Council was renewed in April 2014 to discharge the duties indicated in canons 492-494 of the Code of Canon Law and also to oversee the Temporal Good of the Church of Mamfe in accordance with the Law. The members are as follows:

No. Names Functions
1 Bishop Andrew Fuanya Nkea Diocesan Bishop
2 Very Rev. Fr. Robert Ntungwe Vicar General
3 Rev. Fr. Dieudonne Akawung Diocesan Chancellor
4 Rev. Fr. Augustine Akawung Financial Administrator
5 Rev. Fr. Peter Paul Ibeagha Education Secretary
6 Chief Tabetando George Senator/Lawyer –Member
7 Dr. Diane Acha-Morfaw Lawyer – Member
8 Dr. Belinda Assam Business woman – Member
9 Mr. Paul Tasong Finance Expert – Member
10 Mr. Fongang John Finance Expert – Member
11 Mr. Johnson Okie Auditor – Member
12 Mr. Emmanuel Mua Taxation officer – Member

Contact Information

P. O. Box 120, Mamfe

South West Region, Republic of Cameroon

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Phone: 237-3334-1039

Fax: 237-3334-1339