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All activities carried out by the Family Life office were as planned in the “Mamfe Diocese Strategic Plan 2015-2020”.

FLAO: Diocese of Mamfe: Couple Leaders (Coordinators) -Family Life Office

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First Phase of Awareness/Creation of Parish Offices
Given that the Family Life Office was created by the end of 2014, it was necessary that the parishes be introduced the service and let them elect couple coordinators to oversee family life in Parish communities. A total of sixteen out of the twenty five parishes were touched during that three weeks phase of work with couple coordinators installed per parish visited. The activity was funded by The Diocese of Mamfe.

Natural Family Education Programme in Mamfe
This has to do with the natural methods of achieving or postponing pregnancy by couples, while family education is the art of introducing responsible parenthood in our homes.

The three days program was organised because of high rates of infectious diseases and infertility (arising from artificial methods of birth control) and stress that families go through due to unplanned births and overpopulated families leading to low Standards of living and infidelity in marriages.

The results were 17 Couples trained as users of Natural Family Planning methods (NFP) and introduced to Integrated Family Life Education program (IFLEP). By the end of the year about fifty percent of users testified that it was an interesting method that helps partners to be patient in marriage and see beyond sex in married life. The activity was funded by Church in Need International.

FLAO: NFP and IFLEP Training

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Family Congress in Mamfe:
The family congress was a four days forum which brought together different stake holders of the family under the theme “The Vocation and Mission of the Church in the Contemporary World.” During this congress participants listened to presentations on some topics on family Life, shared their experiences and testimonies. They also made recommendations on how to improve on their spirituality through future active participation in the different family groups under the family Apostolate in a bid to promote love and peaceful cohabitation within families. The activity was funded by Aid to Church in Need International.

FLAO: Family Congress in Mamfe
Family Life did not execute Weekly radio broadcast and Education talk on moral values due to fianancial insufficiencies

This theme was central to the recently celebrated Mamfe Diocesan Synod and there have been moves since then to enhance the pastoral care of the family in the Diocese. This emerged as one of the main Diocesan pastoral priorities.


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