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Social Communication: Staff of Social Communication Department

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Establishment of Diocesan Printing Unit
This activity was achieved with support from Loyola Foundation. The Printing unit has enabled the Diocese to handle on a timely fashion printing work for the Diocese and the outside world on financial compensation which helps to foot the bills of the unit. In the past, printing work for the departments had to be done in far off localities thus wasting time and not meeting standards due to lack of monitoring opportunities associated with absence of staff presence during printing.
Social Communication: Printing Unit funded by Loyola Foundation

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The Celebration of Social Communication Day
The event was done jointly at the National level with all Dioceses represented, each showcasing ongoing programs and projects and sharing experiences of success stories. It gave Diocesan Communication Directors the opportunity to gain more knowledge on social media and methods of expanding their work. Mamfe Diocese incurred expenses for the event

Printing of Diocesan Newspaper – Porta Fidei.
The achievement was made as a result of support from Sisters of St. peter Claver who contributed principally to printing and personnel cost of the newspaper. As outlined in the pastoral plan and according to the Mission of Mamfe Diocese, the newspaper helped to evangelize the means of communication and disseminate development in additional to Pastoral information to the population of Mamfe Diocese through various methods and means during 2015.

Social Communication: Diocesan Newspaper-Porta Fidei

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Setting up of Radio and Television services are ongoing but slight delay was experienced due to financial and administrative delays. Training of Communication staff/capacity building for Radio and Television are tied to the setting up of Radio and Television services so still awaited.

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