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Blessed Pope John Paul II erected the Roman Catholic Diocese of Mamfe on February 9 1999 as the fourth and youngest Diocese in the Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda, Cameroon. The new Diocese was cut out of the Diocese of Buea. It covers the following civil circumscriptions:

Manyu Division with headquarters in Mamfe Lebialem Division with head quarters in Menji-Fontem Nguti Subdivision in Kupe-Muanenguba Division with headquarters in Nguti.

All of these in the South West Region of the Republic of Cameroon.

The Address of the Diocese:

Diocese of Mamfe
P.O. Box 120, Mamfe
South West Region
Republic of Cameroon
Telephone: 237-3334-1039
Fax: 237-3334-1339
Email: mneba@jkolkman.org

Contact Information

P. O. Box 120, Mamfe

South West Region, Republic of Cameroon

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Phone: 237-3334-1039

Fax: 237-3334-1339